About Erin

Psychic Reader, Medium and Reiki Healer offering readings, healing sessions and Medium Parties

From an early age I have felt the presence of spirits and had the ability to just ‘know things’ about people, to me it was just normal, who I was. I grew up accepting my psychic and medium gifts and carried on with my life.

It was only when I reached out to a spiritual healer to help overcome my feelings for my father who had passed that I realised that I could use my gifts to help others. This healer became my spiritual mentor and teacher as I explored and developed my gifts. One of my first experiences with spirit was through Trance Mediumship, where a spirit enters the body and can speak through you and also use automatic writing (this is where the spirit uses you to write messages to their loved ones on paper). I wasn’t sure what was happening at the time as this had never happened to me before however it motivated me to learn more about the spirit world.

I got myself a deck of tarot cards and learnt to read them, trusting the messages that I was being given from the spirit world and from there I began to do readings for friends and family. As my confidence grew I was able to do paid readings and I found that my connection with the spirit world also grew, this included people and animals. They would communicate with me before the reading telling me that they would be there or they would just appear during the reading. I grew quite comfortable with the presence of spirits as they were so overjoyed to be able to connect with their loved ones.

I love what I do and I consider it an honour and a privilege to help you.